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Tammy Taylor Phelps: Independent Shaklee Distributor
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Why do I use Shaklee?
I am in the process of rewriting and updating this content, but originally I found Shaklee in the process of researching a way to help my father, who was diagnosed with Parkinsons, and my sister who had a breast cancer diagnosis- she was only 41 yrs old at the time! I believe Shaklee is the answer to my prayers, because I already knew there were other ways to approach a scary diagnosis. Back in 1996, when my grandfather had lung cancer, friends had brought videos about holistic approaches to disease, and that's when I  first learned that your body is capable of healing itself when it has what it needs. Unfortunately, my grandfather didn't think we should second guess the doctors.

I myself have received two miraculous healings. Over a decade ago, I had a severe case of fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist (who I haven't seen in years now) can confirm that I no longer experience any of those symptoms. In fact, according to doctors, I wasn't supposed to have this beautiful child you see here with me in the photo. She is truly a miracle.  I share this to show that doctors don't have the last word in these matters.

In researching medical information on the internet to help my father and my sister, I came across a book by Suzanne Somers called Knock Out. In this book, Suzanne interviewed doctors who had been treating cancer (and many other things) without chemo or radiation for many years. One doctor had been having success treating cancer patients since the 1970's!! They are not using chemo or radiation, they are using NUTRITION. That's when I remembered a cousin of mine, who was always telling me how awesome her Shaklee vitamins were, and so I made a very important phone call.

When it comes to disease, I no longer blindly trust traditional approaches to treatment.
So you'll understand why I'm so bold in sharing Shaklee with you, please read further. Half of my grandfather's lung was removed when he was diagnosed with a tiny, pin-sized spot of lung cancer. Doctors then told my grandfather that he would die of old age, that they had "got it all." Shortly thereafter, the area where they had taken the biopsy got a small bump on it. It continued to grow until it was almost the size of an egg. The doctors had SMEARED the cancer cells when they did the biopsy, thus spreading his cancer. The next step was to radiate the area, which became an awful wound. The radiation weakened his heart, too, and that sweet man died from heart failure. It had only been six months.

In many cases, I feel the treatment can be as devastating as the disease itself. 
Fear grips your heart when you receive such a diagnosis.
I want to encourage you to investigate all options available to you. I have learned that there are many, many ways to approach any diagnosis.

I now believe that almost every negative diagnosis can be turned around. I believe Shaklee is a company with integrity. I believe the owner Roger Barnett is a man of unusual character and ability. I know Shaklee's products are backed up by real science and clinical studies, and I know what it's done for me and is doing for my family.

Finally, Shaklee has always operated by the principle, "Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you." I am proud to be associated with Shaklee and it's products. I believe these products can SAVE LIVES, because there is no better medicine, I believe, than pure nutrition. Let me help you incorporate Shaklee into your family, your home, your lifestyle. We can make a difference!